Below, you can see the availability of the gardenhouse or ask for a reservation.

Pleahnmkl2se preferably contact by mail at:


For the gardenhouse:

Sjoske van Kuijeren tel. +316-4211.4602

For Double- or singleroom inside:

Hennie en Magda van Kuijeren  Tel. +31 (0)255-540433

or tel. +316-4042.2320 (Magda)

If no answer:  +31  (0)6-1432.9796 (Hennie)

We are happy to assist you!

Adres: P.C. Hooftlaan 9 and 11, 1985 BE Driehuis, Noord Holland.

Bic-code: ING BNL2A

IBAN: NL46ING B0002998141 (the I in the middle behind the 6 is a letter not a number)

In name of: H. van Kuijeren, Driehuis

Check availability without engagement (temporarily only 2 nights or more, without breakfast):